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Financial Goal Planning & Investment Management Services For Professionals In Silicon Valley And Beyond

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Tech Professional

Tech Professionals

As you navigate the complexities of compensation including ESPP, RSUs, ISOs, and pursue the rapid growth potential within the tech sector, we are here to help you maximize your wealth through informed investments, tax optimization, and proactive financial planning, ensuring you make the most of your hard-earned assets.

How Can We Help?

Silicon Valley is an amazing place to live, but it has its unique opportunities and challenges. Whether you are launching a startup, buying or selling a home, preparing to send your children to college, or looking forward to retiring comfortably, we help develop your customized plan with your goals in mind, and help you execute on the plan as well.


What we discover together not only drives asset allocation but also informs decisions about every facet of your financial life — from college and retirement savings to charitable giving, estate planning and beyond. 


Building your financial plan with a sound, disciplined investment strategy is a key element of pursuing your financial goals. We focus on minimizing Risk and maximizing Returns in a Volatile Global marketplace through customized portfolios.


It's not just about how much you make, but how much you keep. Taxes are a key component of your overall financial plan. We help our clients with a forward-looking view of not just the current year, but every year. We help you understand the tax implications of your day-to-day financial choices, as well as those that come into play when you're making major life decisions.

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