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Phone: (408) 819-9010x1004

A co-founder and Principal Advisor, Saul has been a financial advisor since 2001. His client base consists of business owners, individuals and couples. His practice is based on working with his clients on financial planning and the resulting decisions, whether they be changes to saving and investments, risk management with insurance or succession planning. He relies on a thorough discussion with the client to gain insight into their priorities, goals and hopes. He works with several retirement plans as well, and enjoys the educational aspect of this group work. Prior to co-founding Kaizen Financial Strategies, Saul served his clients as a Financial Advisor in affiliation with Waddell & Reed, Inc.


At the individual client level, he is responsible for developing an executable plan that reflects the client’s priorities. This usually involves careful listening, culling documents, and clarifying goals. He presents clients with actionable choices for each goal and assists with the resulting task work, if the client wishes. Saul received his B.A. from U.C. Santa Cruz and a Juris Doctor degree from Santa Clara University.

He enjoys cooking, although his enthusiasm far exceeds his talent. He enjoys hiking with large dogs. He has reluctantly given up riding motorcycles.

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