Our Process

A long-lasting professional client relationship revolves around the client's comfort level and confidence in the service, timely communications, and the ongoing engagement checkpoints with the service provider. A typical client engagement in our practice involves the following process:

Initial complimentary, no obligation, meeting

After the initial contact with a prospective client, we begin with a 45-60 minute in-person meeting with client (if married, the couple together). The purpose of this meeting is to explore the current financial situation, and the major financial priorities that the client may have in mind to focus on. The client provides the necessary documents and financial information needed to assess the current situation. This is also a good time to explore if this engagement is a good fit for both the prospect and us in terms of the specific needs and experience needed to address them. If client decides to move forward with financial planning services the fees are agreed upon, and the service contract is signed.

Draft financial plan and/or investment proposal meeting

Based on the initial consultation and financial data provided, we begin the development of a personalized financial plan and/or investment proposal and share with you. As you see the information in this draft, other needs and information might come up in our review. We listen carefully, take notes, and subsequently incorporate the changes. There might be other data points that we need from you to help ensure that all details and assumptions are validated before the final financial plan or investment proposal is delivered.

Final review and approval meeting

This time, the data you provided and our conversations so far turn into our presentation of the final financial plan and/or investment recommendations to you. You receive a detailed document with professionally organized sections of information regarding your current and future cash flows, retirement projections, and other financial goals in an easy to understand visual format. It also includes our professional recommendations on changes needed to get aligned with the timelines and hypothetical investment returns.

Ongoing reviews and updates

Assuming you choose us to oversee your investments, we will monitor your portfolio performance for you, comparing results to the benchmarks and planned milestones as per your financial plan and investment goals. We work hard to engage with clients through their preferred communication channels to inform them of the situation, review life changes, suitablity, etc. We also encourage our clients to meet with us during the year (a minimum of one annual meeting, but often more as needed) to review the overall portfolio performance, changes in their financial circumstances and family needs, and time horizons.

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