Our Clients

Individuals and Multi-generational Families: We serve a diverse client base, both in Silicon Valley as well as around the US. Our clients include highly educated professionals (Engineers, teachers, scientists, physicians, and many more), working couples, and young families with higher education aspirations for their children. We also provide advice and ongoing portfolio management services to retirees looking for sustainable income and/or tax-efficient approaches to transfer wealth to their loved ones or heart-felt causes.

Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners: Being a dynamic firm ourselves, we understand that entrepreneurs and small business owners have invested not only their capital, but their expertise, hard work, and time investment to grow and sustain their businesses. There are specific challenges, needs and opportunities for small business owners when it comes to financial independence, and of course potential tax efficiencies. We have the right expertise to discuss, explore solutions, and address them in the context of your financial big picture.

Corporations, Limited Liability Companies and/or Other Business Types, Trusts, Estates or Charitable Organizations: We can help assess the need and benefits of setting up 401K plans, Profit-sharing and/or Defined Benefit plans. We also provide education to help employees make the most of the plan you have chosen to provide. Our advisory services are available to help individual clients reach investment goals within their retirement accounts.

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